Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beach hats and burp cloths

Remember that hat Holly and I made after the quilt show? It was the Amy Butler Blue Sky Hat. Holly was headed to the beach, and found this great pattern. In the end it is two pieces - a triangle and a band. Hot bad at all. Partner sewing is great. One person rips seams and the other one sews. It's a huge time saver!

Here is Holly modeling the hat in my sewing room, in a sweater. I bet it looks even better at the beach! The fabric calls for duck cloth to give the hat its body. We had never used this fabric before, but it really worked.  By the way, this is another Amy Butler pattern where she requires you to buy way too much fabric!

Here is the hat from the back. How cute is that? I heard that next time Holly would add a chin strap to help keep it on in the breeze. She also reports if you move somewhere on a beautiful beach you could keep yourself afloat selling Blue Sky Hats.

Now onto the burp cloths. I made these using various tutorials on the Internet. I made them from prefolded baby diapers by Gerber and a couple of fat quarters I found at the quilt show. I gave them to the expecting mom today at the baby shower and they were a hit. She is having twin boys, Riley and Cole, obviously.

I made one of each style for both boys with their names on them. I just tied them with a string and added a Grandma Betty gift tag. Super fun gift for just a few bucks!

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