Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scallops, Tangerine Tango, Lace!

I hit them all! Check it out...

Multiple pieces went into this shirt, but I love the end results so much!

First, I love Nanette Lepore's lace over orange theme she has going on.
The above image is her Pep Rally Dress. I really like how the lace tones down the orange.

Second, I had a Groupon for Mood Fabrics burning a hole in my e-mail that I decided to spend on the lace I really liked (way too expensive otherwise) as well as some sateen for some Sallie Oh inspired Clovers.

Third, when I got the lace I knew I had to make use of the scalloped edges.

So, I went to a pattern I really like with simple lines, Simplicity 2599. I skipped the embellishments, but I really like the fit of the pattern over all.

I lined the shirt with a bright orange Voile, but left the sleeves as just lace.

I also hemmed the lining a couple inches shorter than the lace to help showcase the scalloped edges.

I did the same on the front and the back.

Now if you are interested I took some construction photos. There may be a better way to make this, but this is what I came up with.

I cut out the front and back pattern pieces on my orange fabric first. I skipped the center back seam and just cut the back on the fold. It slips over my head just fine.

Then, under the judgy watchful eye of my assistant. I cut my back piece out of the fabric lining it up with the scallops showing out the bottom. I then cut the front piece out of my lace off the other side of my fabric to use the scallop edge. I lined up the front and back pieces using the waist notches to be sure the hems would line up on the shirt. Be sure to pay attention that you are using the right side of the lace on all of the pieces.

For the sleeves I just matched the center dot at the top with a center of a scallop. I repeated that on both sleeves.

I hemmed the Voile being sure to make sure it was the same hem measurement on both the front and back pieces. I  then sewed the voile and lace right sides together at the neck line only.
I under stitched the seam allowance to the lining and trimmed the excess.
I then flipped the piece right sides out.

Here is how the neckline looks on. I think it is fairly clean. Lining this way also eliminated the neck facings.

I then basted all the way around across the shoulder lines, down the arm hole and to the bottom and treated both the lace and voile as one piece of fabric and constructed it from here starting with shoulder seams, side seams then sleeves. Idid not baste the two fabrics across the bottom. It is just loose. All the hemming was done!

Be sure when sewing the shoulder seams that those inside seams line up well, otherwise they will be crooked looking.

I used this method because I did not want the lace darts to be visible. This was the dart pieces were encapsulated within the voile.

The inside is decent looking. I zig zagged the edges because I feel like I have more control with it when sewing layers. I was afraid if I serged the edges I would cut something I didn't want to. Isn't that orange, um, orange? I really like the effect the lace has on it.
I love it! And overall it only took about three hours. I can't wait to wear it some more. I think this lace overlay would make a cute simple dress too. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm a winner!

The fabulous Sallie in Oh my goodness, she turned those Clovers into trousers, awarded me two blog awards!


I don't know much about them, but Sallie answered some questions for the Sunshine Award, so I will do that.

favorite color:  Dang, already stumped. I like brights.

favorite animal: My dog/best assistant ever

favorite number: 4:00 - time to come home!

favorite non-alcoholic drink: Probably water, who has a favorite nonalcoholic drink?

facebook or twitter: both

my passion: my sewing and quilting!

getting or giving presents: both

favorite pattern: Oh dang, stumped again. Let's narrow it down to separates. :-)

favorite day of the week: Friday of course!

favorite flower: Lilacs

And now, my five deserving blogs (hehe, I don't know what you deserve because I don't know much about these awards.) My five blogs I like a lot are:

Sewing on Pins - Heather was one of my first followers, and I have been copying her ever since. She also makes cool lace art and probably wants no sunshine at all so she can wear her fabulous wool coat.

Julia Bobbin - Because I'm watching Robin sing Sandcastles in the Sand on How I Met Your Mother reruns right this very second and she posted a great Robin Scherbatsky dress today.

Lladybird - Everything she does is just bad ass. That's all I can say. Bad ass.

A Few Threads Loose - Ooh La La Pin Up Sew Along, if you haven't checked it out yet you should. The Garters I am seeing are awesome, and they are just starting on the bra. Plus, Anna created the pattern. Support small business people!

Sew Much, Sew Stylin', Sew Fast - Sandi makes all the new patterns you are dying to try and kills it every time. She is also a teacher like me and somehow manages her children and turning out products regularly. Where does she find the time? She will also give you the heads up when there is a good sale.

Sigrid - Sigrid makes amazing bras. Like beautiful Victoria's Secret looking stuff, but even better because your underwire won't pop out after three wears because her work is quality. She also did a whole how to on bras. Love it!

OK, Sallie gave six, so I gave six. If any of you have received these awards recently you are just double awesome. 

I've got lace in the washer....I feel a shirt coming on. More on that soon.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

One Year Blogiversary

Dear Friends,

Today is my one year blogiversary. I thought about doing some kind of giveaway, but instead I thought I would thank you. Thank you for reading my blog, giving me advice and making me feel like what I do matters. I don't have many live friends that sew, but you guys are always there for me. In the past year you also got me through the death of my brother, a surgery and several projects I did not always think I would finish. I read and appreciate every comment. I thrive on every view. All I can say for what those of you who read my blog do for me (including checking Google for nasty links to my butt cheeks, thanks Heather!) is thank you so very much for the last year. You have made it so exciting and rewarding for me. Here is to another even better year for all of us!



Thursday, March 15, 2012

Polka dot shirt

This is my second try at Simplicity 2601. The first one still isn't finished. The instructions were weird to follow for me, but ultimately brilliant. I confess before anyone sees it, I need to move that top button over some. I just needed to get the picture while I could. It will be improved upon.

Cute right? I had to wash it after I made it, and the fabric got a little twisty. I ironed as fast as I could. It had tire tracks on it from my scooter...maybe that had something to do with the twisty fabric. Like I said, that top button needs to be shifted over a bit for better coverage.

I love the way the back looks. I find the peplum style to be flattering on me.

I added a gather on the center back bodice as it was slightly wider than the midriff pieces. Looking back I probably should have just cut the midriff pieces out again, but I do like how it turned out. I remember the midriff pieces not matching last time I made this shirt either now.

Here is the cool and slightly confusing thing about this shirt. It takes single fold bias tape and encloses the front, neck and sleeve seams. Very interesting construction and kind of genius! By the way, white would have been better for a bias tape color, but with the foot situation I have to use what I've got. It's actually kind of fun!

Here is the inside back. The bias tape around the neck is one continuous piece with the pieces along center front. It is very cool. I think I will make another one of these. It will go so much quicker now I'm sure. Even better, I have my March shirt a month done! Maybe I'll even go back and finish that first one now that I get it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vogue Patterns is featuring me!

I know, you've had enough of my random posts! But I'm so excited! Check this out...

Vogue Patterns has featured me on their Facebook page!

While you are at it like my Facebook page!

If I weren't alone and afraid to open champagne I would totally be celebrating right now! Well heck, I'm already down a leg, how bad could opening the champagne hurt?

Heck, those were famous last words weren't they!

Fun with Google keywords

You guys would tell me if this is what I am known for, right? We're friends...right?

Because five, yes, FIVE people have Googled that top search and come up with my blog as a result!

By the way, I took that white with orange polka dot material and have been logging away at Simplicity 2601 (since Monday) and may just have something to show you tomorrow. :-) That's right. Stacie does actually sew!

It is major cute!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More blocks

I have to be honest. This is Spring Break for me, which usually means me getting in 40 plus hours of sewing in and going back to work dressed in my new sweet garments. Well, it hasn't happened this year. I still have the darn boot on which is such a hindrance. I can't put any weight on my foot so every darn step is a challenge besides actually sitting and sewing. It's amazing how little projects require that. I have been working hard, but not getting much done and am frustrated!

I did get some catching up on my (free!) Craftsy Block of the Month class though. Behold: February...

Yes, they were blue and white solids, but after seeing so many cool finished ones on Craftsy I wanted to change it up. Mr. Thinks He Can took me to Joann's and I told him pick five fat quarters for me to work with. He chose blacks and grays. I have some black and gray scraps as well, and I admit the blocks are looking great! I really liked the method for the one above. each square edge is cut on the bias which made lining them up pretty convenient.

I also recreated my January blocks to match the new color scheme:


I'm liking the look. It is kind of rock and roll, and way more manly.

By the way I did not win the Red Dress Contest, but an amazing dress did. It was a fun experience to enter. Thank you for all your votes!

I have a facebook page!

Hello everyone! I'm still immobile and a slow sewist right now. It is very frustrating. After breaking a massive sweat trying to cut out some fabric for a shirt, I started a Stacie Thinks She Can page on Facebook. I'd love to have some of you join me!

OK, you'll probably get another post in a bit.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Your sewing machine: a Public Service Announcement

I know I am supposed to take the plate that covers my bobbin and unscrew it and clean it out. I don't always do it. Well, I got it open last night and took a peek...Yuck!

I admit it had been awhile, but man it was fuzzy in there! I placed it all back together and I swear it is running quieter now.

Check out the skirt sew along. I targeted it for beginners and we are working with patterns and cutting fabric if you'd like to join up!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A sew along announcement and fabric binge confessions

I have exciting news! I am a new contributor to the Humble Sewing Center Blog and will be hosting a sew along using Butterick 4461, my favorite A-Line skirt with zipper. Check it out!

Now, the confessions begin.

I couldn't walk. Mr. Thinks He Can lost my debit card. Life was really hard. Warning: The following may be hard for people with will power to see. The following is based on a true story and is what happens when I am left alone with the internet and nothing else for days on end.

One of my fabrics for the skirt sew along.

A chiffon for another go at Taffy.

A cheetah print rayon. I know. What the heck? I actually really dig it. It is such a small print. I may make a simple tank dress out of it. That's my good foot to help you get an idea of scale. LOL, still can't walk.

This is one yard of a weird knit that is kind of thick. It is kind of fuzzy on one side and kind of slick on the other side. I'm sure it is for something beside a skirt, but too bad.

This is another knit that will be a wrap dress. I love it!

This is a navy charmeuse I am thinking of making a Ruby slip with. I have never worked with charmeuse, but it is really lovely.

Tangerine Tango polka dot rayon! That's my assistant's foot up there for scale. I see a nice button down out of this.

This is a navy linen blend I am hoping to make the new Cynthia Rowley shirt I am drooling over out of.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Please vote for the Red Dress Contest

First things first. I got an e-mail from my awesome sewing friend Holly who knows I have been totally starved of human interaction with no walking or driving.

Bwahahahahahahahaha! I needed that! And now I have a night out with some quilting ladies that totally rock my world. Good thing, because I never did my February Blocks of the Month.

OK, now to the Red Dress Contest.

You can vote here, and you have five votes to cast. I'm partial to my own project, and my user name is Stacie Thinks. But, even if you don't vote go check out some of the amazing work that was done in this contest.

As always House of Pinheiro killed it with one yard of fabric. Is there anything she can't do?

I love the Tracy Reese pattern made by JudyMac. I would live in that dress for the summer!

And this one by Quinner is just beautiful!

I have never sewn a solid red dress, but it is so flattering and easy to wear. I see more of these in the future. Well, maybe not all red, but at least more solid dresses.

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