Monday, March 12, 2012

Your sewing machine: a Public Service Announcement

I know I am supposed to take the plate that covers my bobbin and unscrew it and clean it out. I don't always do it. Well, I got it open last night and took a peek...Yuck!

I admit it had been awhile, but man it was fuzzy in there! I placed it all back together and I swear it is running quieter now.

Check out the skirt sew along. I targeted it for beginners and we are working with patterns and cutting fabric if you'd like to join up!


  1. Staci,
    I must confess!!! A couple months ago, My machine was sounding soooo loud, and then the stitches were just not as good as normal. I told my husband, "I have got to find a sewing machine repairmen [as mine quit a year or so ago]. this machine is awful!' Well , I got in the yellow pages of the phone book and spent 2 hours calling here and yonder. Finally found a man.
    Now.. being that I have sewed for 30 yrs.. I 'KNEW" that you MUST do regular maintenance on the machine.. So..before taking it to the mechanic,I was going to clean it out good.
    Oh Lord!!!!!! I took the plate off and it was so much fuzz in there that the bobbin was sitting side ways.ha I am shocked it even sewed.
    I cleaned and cleand it and oiled it.
    And just as you did, once doing this..It was running smooth as could be and quiet as a mouse..
    I told my husband I would never tell But since you showed yours ..thought I would confess..hahahhaha
    Happy sewing.

  2. Oh my goodness I got a laugh out of this! I'm so glad I'm not the only one...

  3. After working on my Bloody Wooly Winter Coat for months, my APARTMENT is covered in a fine layer of burgundy fluff. I'm actually afraid to open up my sewing machine to see the Burgundy Fluff Army that's amassed. I suspect that they'll attack if I try to sweep them all up! EEP!