Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A sew along announcement and fabric binge confessions

I have exciting news! I am a new contributor to the Humble Sewing Center Blog and will be hosting a sew along using Butterick 4461, my favorite A-Line skirt with zipper. Check it out!

Now, the confessions begin.

I couldn't walk. Mr. Thinks He Can lost my debit card. Life was really hard. Warning: The following may be hard for people with will power to see. The following is based on a true story and is what happens when I am left alone with the internet and nothing else for days on end.

One of my fabrics for the skirt sew along.

A chiffon for another go at Taffy.

A cheetah print rayon. I know. What the heck? I actually really dig it. It is such a small print. I may make a simple tank dress out of it. That's my good foot to help you get an idea of scale. LOL, still can't walk.

This is one yard of a weird knit that is kind of thick. It is kind of fuzzy on one side and kind of slick on the other side. I'm sure it is for something beside a skirt, but too bad.

This is another knit that will be a wrap dress. I love it!

This is a navy charmeuse I am thinking of making a Ruby slip with. I have never worked with charmeuse, but it is really lovely.

Tangerine Tango polka dot rayon! That's my assistant's foot up there for scale. I see a nice button down out of this.

This is a navy linen blend I am hoping to make the new Cynthia Rowley shirt I am drooling over out of.


  1. Ooooo! Love the fabric (especially the polka dots and ESPECIALLY especially the cheeta polka dots!

    Also, you are hilarious. I hope you're walking soon!

    1. Right, I want everything cheetah now. So weird. I hope I'm walking soon too. I'm driving myself nuts!

  2. Hi, I think you so deserve all this wonderful fabric!!!1 Now just think....You can't walk- You lost your debit card.. too many stresses and what better way to make you feel better than.. this lovely bunch of fabrics.. [Aren't I wondeful to find excuses to splurge on anything sewing? hahaha].. Seriously.. so proud you got the pretty fabrics and hope you are up walking real soon.. Can't wait to see what you make of these lovely things.
    I am fixing to go check out the sew a long.sounds fun..

    1. Well, that is my thought exactly! I hope you like the sew along.