Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More blocks

I have to be honest. This is Spring Break for me, which usually means me getting in 40 plus hours of sewing in and going back to work dressed in my new sweet garments. Well, it hasn't happened this year. I still have the darn boot on which is such a hindrance. I can't put any weight on my foot so every darn step is a challenge besides actually sitting and sewing. It's amazing how little projects require that. I have been working hard, but not getting much done and am frustrated!

I did get some catching up on my (free!) Craftsy Block of the Month class though. Behold: February...

Yes, they were blue and white solids, but after seeing so many cool finished ones on Craftsy I wanted to change it up. Mr. Thinks He Can took me to Joann's and I told him pick five fat quarters for me to work with. He chose blacks and grays. I have some black and gray scraps as well, and I admit the blocks are looking great! I really liked the method for the one above. each square edge is cut on the bias which made lining them up pretty convenient.

I also recreated my January blocks to match the new color scheme:


I'm liking the look. It is kind of rock and roll, and way more manly.

By the way I did not win the Red Dress Contest, but an amazing dress did. It was a fun experience to enter. Thank you for all your votes!