Thursday, May 21, 2015

Quilt help and catch up

I have been working on this quilt for awhile and it has taken forever. I'll get to that in a bit. First though, I need some help. I need to choose a color to go around the large middle part between the outside rows. I don't know what to go with. 

The fabric line I used was Fresh Cut by Basic Grey. The colors are really vibrant.

There are some bits of navy in the fabric, so I thought about that. I just don't know. Your opinions are very appreciated.

So where the heck have I been for two months?


First, I found out I'm pregnant so screw sewing any clothes. Honestly I'm really not into babies or baby stuff either, so I have lost all motivation there. Quilts it is! If anyone has any ideas to help me get my joy of sewing back, please share!

Second, we had some roof damage from a hail storm and the ceiling caved in. It is already hot and humid in Houston, and this room is upstairs by my sewing room. It gets sweaty up there real fast!

Third, the weather has been really nice to go to the beach, and we've been taking advantage of that. A lot!

Fourth, we've started a couple gardens. Yes, that poison oak I planted on the fence is doing even better than the vegetables, but what can I say? I have a green thumb like that.

Fifth, I have been hanging out with my cousin. We did a five mile race in April then last weekend we went and saw Britney Spears perform in Las Vegas. I love a good girl's weekend!

Now that the ceiling is back in place, and school is about to be out for summer I should get more time. Don't forget I need color suggestions first, so I can finish this one. Thanks for sticking with me during my hiatus!