Friday, June 20, 2014

Lady Skater and a recap of all the stuff I didn't get to

Well dang guys, why did it take me so long to make a Lady Skater? OK, well I didn't think it would be flattering on me, but I think it really is. It is also great for summer because it is too hot to wear many clothes here in Houston.

I got this fabric at a fabric store with no notable name on 30th street in Playa del Carmen, Mexico as seen above. It is a really soft and light weight rayon. We went there for vacation, but I could not resist seeing a Mexican fabric store. I got some great swimsuit fabric, so expect to see some swimsuit action soon. I think the fabrics were comparable in cost to what you see in the States for the most part, but the selection was huge.

Back to the Lady Skater, it was a quick sew. I think next time I make it I may shorten the bodice about a half inch, but other than that the fit was great.

I used my twin needle on the neck, sleeves and hem. Like that tan line there? In Mexico people kept assuming I was Canadian because I was pale. What can I say, SPF is important to me.

Overall a great pattern and an easy make. I used the serger a lot, but have been using my sewing machine for knits more often lately and think it could be easily done that way as well.

Now some things that never got blogged.

I cut up some of my favorite undies to make a pattern, and it worked out great. I will make more out of my polka dot scraps soon.

I made Michelle Patterns grocery bag assembly line style as end of year gifts for some TOTEally awesome coworkers.

I made another slip using Gertie's pattern. Did you see the matching undies above? I love this pattern, and it was perfect from a knit I just didn't know what to do with. 

I ran a ten mile race with my cousin in Plano. It was hot and weirdly hilly, but fun!

Gosh it has been awhile, and I've been busy. Hopefully we can catch up over the summer.