Thursday, February 28, 2013

I did it!!!!!

OK, we did it. We finally closed on the house....yes, three weeks after we were supposed to. It has been a pain, but we signed the papers yesterday, and it funded this morning. I have been living in limbo over here. I was scared to cut anything out because I would lose pieces. I never knew if or when I would be moving. To top it all off I'm a highly superstitious person (constantly knocking on wood, etc.), so naturally I knew if I put my hopes out into the universe on my blog again I would invoke the powers of another unholy jinx. I'm not talking about the pinch, poke you owe me a coke variety either. I decided to go silent and cross my fingers, and it worked! We have a crap ton some work to do on the house, but we hope to be moved within the next three weeks. I will have a proper sewing room, with no carpet (as it should be), and probably a whole lot of sewing projects as the curse has officially passed! Wait, I can't believe I said that, knock on wood! Knock on wood!

My new back yard, deep release.... OK, worth it!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Map the Sewists

If you haven't seen this project by Another Sewing Scientist, it is a must see!

She has created a map for all of us to pin ourselves to. Brilliant! To pin yourself or just take a look go here!

House news - Closing got pushed to Thursday. Everyone cross your fingers for me!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine's Day quilt delivery

My cousin received her quilt today! I'm happy it worked out to be a Valentine's Day delivery. I was worried it was turning out a little too blue, but I think it turned out very nice in the end.

The quilt has a red, white and blue look to it, which is actually awesome. Long story short, when we lived together in college my dear cousin had an obsession with all things Tommy Hilfiger who was doing everything red, white and blue. We had red, white and blue everything...all the way down to the shower curtain and silverware. Every Fourth of July I call her to let her know I'm thinking about her when I look at the decorations.

I think the colors blend nicely and make for a modern twist on our old theme. It turns out her new bedroom has turquoise in it, and it matches pretty well! Bonus!

One of the best parts of this quilt was remembering all of our good times while I worked on it. We don't live very close to each other anymore, but she is like a sister to me. We could not speak for a month, but as soon as we do it is as if no time ever passed.

This was backed with flannel. I just can't justify not backing a quilt with flannel. It is so cozy!

I quilted this one just like the last one, so I stitched in the ditch and cross hatched across the squares. The fabric really had a nice fray to it after I washed and dried the quilt twice. I even had to trim a few spots that got a little too frayed. I like that about this pattern though. The raw edge applique makes for a lot of texture and personality. I know this quilt has gone to someone that will appreciate it. I'd like to think someday her son's wife will inherit it and complain that the colors are dated, and what were people in the 2010's thinking mixing aquas and reds. **Fingers crossed!**

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Birthday to me....

and thank you for you. I am not officially participating in Sew Greatful week, but I'd like to do a quick post.

First, thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for helping me move on from defeat and revel in my own victories. Also, thank you for sharing your knowledge with me through your own experiences.

I love this little community we have made amongst ourselves, and you all really mean a lot to me. The Mr. will often look over my shoulder while I'm on the computer and I will say, "Oh, that's my friend Sallie in Galveston," or, "my friend Heather in the Yukon." And I really mean that. It may sound crazy and slightly stalkerish, but I consider you guys my friends. If you are ever in Houston or a few hours away, let me know. I will see what I can do to have a good  meet up.

Second, thank goodness Mr. Thinks He Can and I are closing on a real honest to goodness house next Friday. With more than one room (and a pool!) It may be slow going for a bit, but trust me when I say we need this house badly. Interim living is stressful.

I am Sew Greatful for you guys and for this great skill that brings us together.