Thursday, February 28, 2013

I did it!!!!!

OK, we did it. We finally closed on the house....yes, three weeks after we were supposed to. It has been a pain, but we signed the papers yesterday, and it funded this morning. I have been living in limbo over here. I was scared to cut anything out because I would lose pieces. I never knew if or when I would be moving. To top it all off I'm a highly superstitious person (constantly knocking on wood, etc.), so naturally I knew if I put my hopes out into the universe on my blog again I would invoke the powers of another unholy jinx. I'm not talking about the pinch, poke you owe me a coke variety either. I decided to go silent and cross my fingers, and it worked! We have a crap ton some work to do on the house, but we hope to be moved within the next three weeks. I will have a proper sewing room, with no carpet (as it should be), and probably a whole lot of sewing projects as the curse has officially passed! Wait, I can't believe I said that, knock on wood! Knock on wood!

My new back yard, deep release.... OK, worth it!


  1. I am SOOOOO HAPPY for you.. Can't wait for you to get moved in, and share lots of photos of your new home.. I know you are so excited..Have fun..
    pS.. Thanks to you, I have been sewing several knit t-shirts [thank you], and last night I gave in and bought the knit class at Craftsy.. I havent looked at it yet..too busy right now.. BUt, will have it, when I get time..

  2. Gosh I know what you mean. Every house we've bought, I've not been able to shake the sense of dread that it will all go belly up, even after we've moved in! It's not rational!
    All the very best, yay for an uncarpetted sewing room!

  3. Aw, that's fantastic, congratulations! I'm so happy this has finally come through for you! *knocks on wood KNOCKS ON WOOD* I'm so excited to see what you make now. :D

  4. Congratulations! I hope you get back to everything quickly and have a great sewing space.