Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Simplicity 2601, it's truly, truly, truly outrageous!

I have high expectations for this shirt. I have gotten it cut out and marked, which to me is the boring part. I'm hoping I have it sewn tomorrow as I have the day off.
This is an older pattern, Simplicity 2601, that was highly rated on pattern review and Patty has made a couple fantastic versions. Because it is no longer in print I ordered it from Art Fire, but I don't think it was very much at all. I am making the sleeveless version with the ruffle (b), but adding the cap sleeves from view E.

I love the fabric. As I was cutting it I realized it would make a beautiful table cloth, curtains, dresses, skirts, more shirts...I love when I feel that way about my fabric. It is the Lola print Viole from, but last I checked they had sold out!

As I was cutting I did find one interesting thing. It was Saturday morning, and of course as a very mature 30 something I wanted some cartoons on in the background. Why did I not get the memo Jem and The Holograms are back on Hub!

I caught the first one of the series, but it was sheer luck. I still have all these dolls, the car, and yes Rio and Jem's musical water bed still at my parent's garage. I was a huge fan and was amazed how many words I still remembered. Perhaps one day I will find a picture of the time I dressed as Jem for Halloween to share with you all. It consisted of bedazzled pink satin pajamas, and of course my Sally Jesse glasses but only because I was blind without them! What's up with Pizzaz anyway? Why does she hate the orphans so much? And why was Jerrica OK with Rio being into both her AND Jem, yes it was her alter ego, but he didn't know that. I have a lot more questions about this situation as an adult...

Enough on that! Hopefully I will have an update tomorrow on the shirt (not the moral dilemmas Jem imposes).

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  1. Oh no! I didn't realize it was no longer in print! I nearly picked it up a couple months ago, too. :(

    Love your fabric choice. It'll look great in this pattern!