Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am an unstoppable force of floral peplum shirt fashion

Don't you love that feeling you get? You love the fabric. The directions are reading as easily as a children's books. You never thought it would come together this fast. You have a beautiful new shirt to wear to work tomorrow. Sweet success!

Then you turn it inside out an admire your own fancy handy work and feel you are becoming a true seamstress and unstoppable force of floral peplum shirt fashion!

Then you think, huh. That's weird. And flip it outside in... then think "huh" some more. You hang it up to get your mind around it.

The top of the midriff is perfect. It is right side out. Huh.

Nice. The top of the midriff is sewed on correctly and the bottom of the midriff is on inside out!

Here is the clincher. I accidentally basted the lower midriff first, then realized my mistake and straight stitched it in a perfect, tight row. I have now put away my sewing gear and spending a very careful and intimate night in a lave-hate relationship with Mr. Seam Ripper.

Moral of the story: I need to slow my force of fashion role and use my brain to concentrate, not daydream about my own awesomeness!

This is the previously mentioned Simplicity 3601.


  1. I think we all gone for that mistake too !

  2. That's the problem with some of these prints. I just picked up some beautiful floral cotton voile, and they look nearly the same from the front to the back, with only a slightly faded look on the back!

    Aw well, it'll be worth it once you've got it on right. Can't have everything go smoothly, or you don't learn anything! (Or so I tell myself when I make mistakes. :D)

  3. That's a nice way to look at it! I have noticed the looking the same from both sides on this fabric for sure. The bright pink flowers are the only thing that look faded at all!