Monday, June 13, 2011

Clean is hard!

As I mentioned earlier I have my condo in the Houston Heights on the market (contact me if you are in the market!). I love it, but we need more room. The sad part is in trying to keep it clean for people viewing it, I have had to stash my goods. Being that this is a small condo I have a 6 foot plastic table I unfold out in the living room with my machine on the dining room table and my iron set up in the hall. It may not be ideal but it works.

Before the great cleaning when I had a project I was working on I could leave it all mostly set up (probably not the iron) and sit down with it whenever I had a few minutes. Now I want at least a two hour block to work on things because it is about 15 minutes of set up and clean up to sew.

Please stick with me while things are slow for me. I will be working on projects, it will just be a bit harder to get to. I am also a special ed administrator for summer school and working on some educational diagnostician courses at Sam Houston State University. Trust me, come July 1 when school gets out, all I am going to do is sew!!!!

I still have my chiffon Anna Sui to get to.

I may be doing a mini wardrobe if we plan a vacation. I also have just discovered the joy of a well fitted pencil skirt, so their may be more of those to come. I also fell in love with a chiffon maxi Hannah was wearing on Secret Diary of a Call Girl this season I may want to replicate. I can't wait! Until then, I will have to live vicariously through your blogs and be jealous of all your fabulous projects.

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