Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ode to "Grandma" Betty

No, I don't have a grandma named Betty. I don't have any grandmas anymore, but if I did I would want them to be just like Betty. I found an estate sale on Craigslist with sewing notions listed, so of course I called Holly and we headed on over there. What we discovered was that Betty has been sewing and collecting all kinds of great stuff since the 60s. Not her 60s, as in the 1960s.

Betty left us so many good things. It was hard to see some of the stuff that was being sold including several hand stitched quilts. They were marked too high for me to save, but I hope they find a good home if they can't stay with her family. Check out what our new Grandma Betty let us have.

This is a cool wheel that helps you choose the proper weight interfacing for your fabric. I don't have that down just yet, so this is an awesome find. My only fear is going to Joann's and asking for a weight they have not used since 1974. Spooky Hotel California stuff there.

Hem tapes, Stitch Witchery, Twill Tape...general notions everyone needs.

I love the belt making kits! The white one is pretty thick and cute looking. The black one deserves a closer look...
Turns out in 1968 Betty was a crazy go-go dancer making her own 'Leather-like Vinyl' belt. I love it!

Check out my tracing paper. I thought it just came in blue or yellow in long skinny strips that have to be repositioned all the time. It turns out it comes in sheets in every color of the rainbow! Notice how inflation works right to left: .25 to .29 to .70.

A lot of vintage zippers, mostly metal.

A giant sack of buttons that span a huge chunk of history. I think Betty left those no-sew Gripper Fasteners just for me. She saw what happened on my Walkaway dress.

Check out what else was in the button sack, a wrist pin cushion with hand sewing needles. I had just misplaced my last one!

Now if you don't know what this is, neither do I. I just know what it does. The little jar there is filled with chalk powder, and the pump at the top blows it out. You set the jar height to the height you want your hem and turn in a circle as you pump a chalk line along the dress. I don't even know if you can get these anymore!

The total haul was $13. I have decided Batty is my patron saint of sewing. She left me this amazing collection of treasures I promise to put to good use. I think she would be happy two new seamstresses appreciated her years of collecting and sewing. Thanks Betty!

This one is for you...and girl, I saw your liquor cabinet. We were such kindred spirits!

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