Friday, July 8, 2011

Skirt fever!

I have already worn my skirt three times. Yes in two weeks. Remember, Holly and I had made Simplicity 2258 the weekend before last? Well, I made it again (and again).

I made one for my bestie Jen for her birthday. That was my first time making a garment/gift, so I wanted it to be really special. She is a bit more modest than I am, so I made her the longer version but kept the ties. She also loves Hawaiian things - like her husband! So I paid tribute to Hawaii with the material which is a shirting I found at Joann's.

This is the outside front of the skirt. I love how saturated the colors are. I think it would be great for a luau!
Since I was making this for someone else, I wanted it to be really nicely done. I used bias tape to finish the raw edge around the waist and along the bottoms of the pockets.
I also used lace hem tape, courtesy of Grandma Betty circa 1976. I know that is not how it is supposed to be used exactly, but I thought it added a nice touch.
Here is the front with the waistband untied . I think I like this view just as much.

And this solves the mystery of why everything I have is covered in dog hair. Of course she takes the best light and takes a nap in it then refuses to move. We'll just call any strays a bonus gift from the pooch.

But wait! There is more!

I just got busy this morning making yet another one. I know, the next project I have to show you is different I promise.
This is an eyelet version I made for myself without waist ties. I did line it though because the eyelet was way more shear than I anticipated. I thought my how to could help some people on this one. I put my pink skirt together per the direction until I got to the waistband.

At that point I took the lining which I made of muslin and sewed the sides and hem together. Remember you don't need to cut pockets out of this part. This is the front, and the sides just go straight up. I simply extended my cutting lines on the waist and side until they met to duplicate a front piece without pockets.
I zig zagged the edges on both the skirt and lining because neither one will be visible. No French seams here!
I then basted the two pink skirt and lining together at the waist. This kept everything together while I applied the waist band as usual.

When completes this is now my finished skirt looked inside. I made the lining shorter on purpose because it is too hot to wear extra layers here in Houston. I just didn't want anyone checking out my knickers. There are no raw edges because I put it together so the raw edges face each other.

And again, the outside. You can't even tell there is an extra layer there. Maybe when Mr. Thinks He Can gets home I will add an action shot in the skirt.

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