Friday, July 29, 2011

Hoarding: The ugly side to sewing

When sewing, inspirations comes from everywhere, especially yourself. I made some very nice Christmas stockings and then decided I would make a beautiful Christmas look this year. I now have 7 yards of Moda Countdown to Christmas material.

I am amazed how soft this fabric is. If I weren't a teacher terrified of being dubbed a "sweater wearer", those of you in education know. Picture the lady in mid November at the meeting in the Reindeer Christmas sweater with the jingle bell earrings and reading glasses with tiny Christmas trees on the arms. Anyway, I digress, if I weren't horribly afraid of being that person I would wear something made of this material.

How cute is this?

And with the stockings that started it all. I chose this fabric, first because I love it, but second because it matches the stockings I made pretty nicely. I also like Riley Blake's Christmas Candy line as well as a quilt using it. I can;t find the link to it anymore, but I have a pdf if you want it. I kind of want to try a quilt.

Next, I'm such a narc. If I am found sunk in the bayou it is because I named my pushers: Sergio and Wendy. I'm so ashamed.

So, you know about Sergio and how he sold me on my Anna Sui top and has left me wanting more. But you don't know about Wendy. That's right, Sew U Home Stretch's Wendy has teamed up with Sergio to sew up some knits. I am very excited to work with knits. Here comes the hoardy bit.

I was in Hancock's today (no, I didn't need anything! Get off my back!) and saw That Vogue and McCall's patterns were on sale. Picture me flipping through the books, Sergio on one shoulder and Wendy on the other pointing out all the fantastic patterns for knits and convincing me I need them all. It was ugly! Oh yeah, that's a double at the bottom of the Very Easy Beast, one for me one for Holly. I made an executive decision she needed one too!

And here is the next project on my list right now. I have seen several versions of McCall's 6069, and they all looked really cute. I got this striped knit for about $5 total. I figure if it goes well, I have an awesome dress. If it doesn't, I get to practice on a very unfortunate piece of $5 fabric.

Oh yeah, and I'm hoping three more books I ordered come today... Quit judging me!

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