Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crazy Quilt

I have had serious quilt envy lately. I want to learn, but I'm afraid to teach myself. I am very fortunate though, because I have been invited to join the very talented quilters at the school I work at on Wednesday afternoons for their quilting club. I am very excited, because the women are amazingly talented. Seriously, the quilts they were working on blew my mind!

And then there is me, oh yeah and Holly, she's my plus 1 for quilt club. The ladies started me out with a crazy quilt. I used my Moda countdown to Christmas fabric collection to make my first one. I was instructed to get 6 fat quarters.

Hmmm, googled it, a fat quarter is a quarter of a yard that is cut like so:

(image from

Get it? A half of a half is a quarter...

I stacked all six and was instructed to make a cut. I stood there and thought, what? Where? Do you have a pattern? Eventually I cut, and after a few more cuts and rotations I had this:

This is all six blocks cut and reconstructed. I may try to do a tutorial on this. I did not really have to worry about seams or perfect points. I will basically just get to make a quilt from start to finish, and can try some complicated stuff later. I like that.

Here is a closer look at a block. I will be making these 15.5" by 15.5" squares when quilting notions go on sale half off this weekend! I will then add sashing, borders, binding and finish it up. I will post some pictures as I go.

Now what do you make of that dog? Worst personal sewing assistant ever or just dropping really heavy hints that she needs a quilt for Christmas?

I cut out that blue dress finally. I hope to work on that in the next couple days.

Back to school makes me slow down a lot. I was only out a few weeks, but going back makes me exhausted. As I get in the swing of things I will do better, promise!


  1. Now I have quilt envy! I can't wait to see how this turns out! :]

  2. OH NO! The quilting rash is contagious! :D

    What a neat idea for making your squares! Love it. Also, love your awful sewing assistant! Obviously she needs a quilt of her own.