Monday, August 15, 2011

The zipper obsession

After I saw my awesome zipper with the butterflies, I bought the magazine Sew Stylish at Joann's that had a cool little zipper blurb. My scanner isn't working, but I really wanted to share my zipper love. If I get the scanner going I will share.

I found the website,, that sells the zippers and had to post a few. They are adorable and such a cool embellishment. They are a little more pricey than a regular zip, but they should be. Check it out!

These bad boys have rhinestones on the teeth and come in several lengths and colors. Love it! It would be pretty on a formal, or a nice surprise on office wear.

If you look closely at these, the coils are rainbow. I want to use them on everything! I love the sparkly tape one as well!

Pretty, pretty! I just love this fancy taped one. I only see it in black, but what a nice touch it would be on the back of a shirt or skirt.

This one has camouflage coils. This would be cute on anything. Love it! It would look super cute on a marine wallet like this one.

OK, I have no real use for this one, but the coils glow in the dark. I run a lot and was thinking it may be useful on a running coat...or at a black light putt putt place. Yeah, the second one!

There are a few more on the web site. I expect to purchase a few for upcoming projects.

I did finish that blue dress as well, I am just waiting for pictures to show. Oh, and I cutting out my Amy Butler Birdie Sling I am making for my sister in law. It looks fun!

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