Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Amy Butler Birdie Sling

My sister in law made my husband and I the most fantastic anniversary present. It is a beautiful album of photos she took at our wedding. I don't know how to thank her, so I did what I do best. OK, I don't do it best, but I enjoy it. I made her a present.

She is a teacher like me and I thought a back to school tote would be perfect. She told me her favorite colors are black and white. What I came up with in the end is a pretty Birdie Sling.

This is a pretty big bag. It should hold everything she needs and more.

One of the great features is all these great pockets. This pocket above has a stitch down the center making two nice sized pockets. Can you see that little thing on the right just above the pocket? I used a piece of bias tape and added a key fob (I found it in the jewelry department at Joann's). I read in reviews things can get lost in the bag because it is so big.

I also made this pouch for the purse out of extra fabric I had from the bands.

The zipper is a metal one I got from Grandma Betty. The flowery material inside is a skirt I made and messed up. I loved the fabric and couldn't bear to get rid of it. It is silky and frays like the devil, but it has a new life here.

I used Patty's tutorial for a zipper pouch. It was so easy and was a nice touch.

It arrived tonight and I was so excited to get such a happy phone call. She was very happy with the bag and had already taken everything out of her purse and usual tote and stuffed it all in there. Hooray!

Here are a few things I learned:

1. I only got one yard of each on the three fabrics and had plenty. The pattern called for more.
2. I added the key fob when I sewed the lining and the lining band together. I think it is a nice feature.
3. I skipped the interfacing on the outside. I felt like I had used enough that it would be fine. I think it was too.

This was a fun pattern. I kind of want one now too for all my quilting supplies. 

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  1. Very cute bag! I have this pattern, but haven't made one yet. Seeing yours is making me want to dig out my pattern and make one for me! :)