Thursday, August 18, 2011

McCalls knit dress

Mr. Thinks He Can said he had to be at FedEx in 20 minutes, so this is what I have. One picture, yes I'm standing on a leash. Not the best picture, but a fun project.

This was McCalls 6069, and my first real project with a knit.

Here is what I learned.

1. If you sew with a super stretchy knit, your garment will be really large.
2. Your sewing machine hates knits, unless you have it teamed up with a walking foot.
3. Rolled hems are not appropriate for just anything.
4. Some projects can only be saved with a belt.

I had my stripes all matched, and did a try on and the top was really huge. After I took it in, my stripes no longer matched, but I wasn't showing side boob. I consider it a win. I also did not want to use the facings on the arms, so I rolled the hems. I'm still mixed on that.

Overall, I will wear the dress because it is super comfortable. I can't say it was the pattern's fault because I really deviated on fabric choices and directions.

And yes, sometimes I do brush my hair. Just not tonight!

I should have some birdie sling and crazy quilt updates soon.


  1. I understand your relationship with knit. I've learned to love raw edges because no matter what I do I lettuce the edges of knit. But maybe I should follow your example and get a walking foot. P.S. this would look cute with a long sleeve shirt under it for fall.

  2. lol! I thoroughly loved this post. I'm laughing mostly because these are all the observations I made the first (second, and third) time I sewed with knits! :D It's a cute garment, despite your problems.

  3. Knit is a cruel mistress! I have had very similiar experiences, but not as cute results....