Thursday, July 21, 2011

She's My Cherry Pie and my return from Mexico

And by she I mean my sister in law. I made her a birthday apron before my trip, then mailed it to The Netherlands and just about died waiting for feedback. Would she love it? Would she wear it? Would she think, "Is this a comment on my home making skills?" and be hugely insulted? I always get so nervous and crazed waiting to see if someone likes a gift I have made.

I returned from Mexico and spoke with her on the phone this morning. She loved the apron! She was here during Administrative Assistant Week, and saw my past aprons and admitted she wanted one, but didn't want to ask. Friends, if you are reading this, always ask. It inflates my ego to a huge level when people like my work!

So this is the same apron I made before, but this time I used the cherry material left over from my lined Crepe and left over red fabric from my Christmas stockings. For the waistband I used the last bit of Grandma Betty's trim I used on the hem from my Hawaiian birthday skirt.

I love how this turned out. It is so girly and flirty. My SIL's house is all white to counteract all the grey days in The Netherlands, so I wanted to make her an all white apron in different fabrics, but I knew she's be afraid to wear it. As it is she claims she will only spot clean this one, and not cook in it, only serve dinner like Bree in Desperate Housewives in it. I swear you can wash it!

This apron is better made than the last ones. I really starched the edges and press to make for quicker and cleaner hems on all those ruffles. I also switched between red and white thread to make it a bit nicer. I love how the lace waist band looks.

Here is an action shot on me. I have the apron not quite centered on me, so it looks a bit crazy. That also lets my camo shorts stick out, which I know she will appreciate since she has two rough and tumble boys at home. Also, notice the fabulous blue and white pot holders back there on the fridge? That is from her awesome mother in law. I think she may need an apron too now that I think about it.

So where the heck have I been?

I have been in Paradise. Mr Thinks He Can and I went to Quintana Roo for a few days. Here I am thinking of ways to have to remain in Mexico forever. This was taken at Tulum in the Archaeological Park.

Here is a picture Mr. Thinks He Can wanted to get of me in front of this particular ruin. Weird, but wait I see why now....

Busted. He was really trying to justify taking a picture of this Iguana!

Here is a sea turtle we spotted when snorkeling in Akumal. It is so cool to be in the water with such an amazing creature.

Here are a pack? herd? bunch of coatimundi in Akumal that were eating right out of this guy's hand. They were so friendly. The babies kept jumping up and hanging off his pant legs.

On the last day, I read about this beach just north of Belize called Mahahual that was supposed to be beautiful. It was a three hour drive, but was truly the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. We could still see our toes when standing with water up to our chests. A cruise ship was docked nearby, or I bet this place would have been deserted.

It was an amazing trip. I am renewed and reinvigorated. I may even begin some fall sewing before school starts. Too bad Fall doesn't come to Houston until about October!

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  1. That is such a cute apron!!! And you get like 10000 bonus points for using a line from a Warrant sign in the title!