Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Administrative Assistant Week!

I am lucky enough to have the best secretary in the world. She makes my life easier by setting appointments, calling people to confirm things, translating in Spanish, planning awesome parties and making the best dips ever! She serves as a therapist for me on occasion, makes sure I get fed, bosses me around when I need it and tells me all the good office gossip. This post is to remind everyone to appreciate your secretary this week.

My secretary is young and vibrant and can walk that fine line between really trendy and horribly tacky that I so often wind up falling off the wrong side of when I try new things. Another cool fact, she and I dream of opening a cake ball truck and leaving all our worries behind someday. What does this weird love letter have to do with sewing you ask?


So my secretary has been hinting around she wants an apron and knowing her tastes, she loves loud colors, animal print and super girly stuff. Of course I had to throw in some cake truck tribute as well... It kind of has a funky Betsey Johnson vibe the more that I look at it.

I found this tutorial for a ruffle apron that I really liked. It was super easy to follow.

I found all of the fabrics at Joann's for fairly cheap. I bought a yard of the pink, and two yards of the others. You can't see from the pictures, but I use the yellow as the backer for the apron where all the ruffles attach. Here is a close up of the fabrics.

I liked the apron tutorial so much I made reusable pattern pieces. The pattern only calls for four pieces which I traced on Swedish tracing paper for use later. (Christmas presents anyone?)


The project cost total about $8 and took about two hours to make...OK so make that four hours because of course everyone needs to have matching aprons with their favorite secretary!
Watch out other departments!!! Special Ed is looking fierce for our turn at the department sponsored breakfast next year...

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  1. I love LOve it !!!!!!! Thanks sooooo much your the best BOSS EVER !!!!!! This has inspired me to go home and bake !! Your so sweet to think of this idea !! I love thoughtful gifts like this instead of store bought things !! xoxoxo luv ya bunches I am on cloud 9