Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to start sewing

I just read a good post on What I Wore addressing a question I get asked a lot as well. How do I start sewing? She is also doing a nice little giveaway for a starter sewing kit. I agree with her suggestions, and if you are in the Houston area I can go one further.

I learned at the now gone sewing lounge Sew Crafty. I miss it terribly, but I keep in touch with my very best teacher Jenny Gabriel. She has the patience of a saint and made every disaster I created a cute little mishap. She does private lessons and also does some very affordable and fun classes at the Hobby Lobby in Humble. If you are ever in Houston and want to learn anything, Jenny is the one to go to. She knows it all!

There is also Shawn Frisbee, also of Sew Crafty fame. I never took a class with her, but was around a lot when she was teaching. She was always having a good time and working on projects with very beginners. She offers classes still through Glitter and Glue Guns, her own site which is located in the Montrose area of Houston.

If you take a class with either of these ladies you will use the techniques they teach you over and over. They are amazing resources and a lot of fun. If you take a good class somewhere else, share the information!

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