Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ruffle Shirt completed!

And it is glorious. I can see me making this in every color for the hot Texas summer.  I love that it is super cool to wear, but looks dressier than a tank top.
It fits well, I made the size 20. I loved that I could cut my shirt for a C cup. I feel the chest fits very well. I probably could have taken in the waist and hips a bit, but when it is 100 plus degrees I'll probably be happy it is not clinging to me.

Here is a closer view of the front. The ruffles went on quite easily. I needed to iron that crease out, but no, I wore it out to dinner like that!

I followed Heather's advice and finished the neckline with bias tape instead of the facings. I think that worked out super well and plan on doing that in the future as I will be making this again. I may even try that on the sleeves as well. Ever since I made my Walk Away dress I have had a love for bias tape.

One thing I will change in the future though is I will cut the back on the fold and skip the button. I love extra little details like that, but it pulls over just fine. Besides my hair is pretty long and it won't be seen much.

I may try making the view with the vertical ruffles next. This is my new go to shirt for sure.

So what's next?

I am making the gray skirt on the Simplicity 2211 Lisette pattern. I am making it in khaki sateen, and it seems to be coming together very nicely, and I am attempting, wait for it..... French Seams! Oooooh I'm fancy. I will update on that soon.

I may also try to make the pink shirt the model is wearing after seeing this version at Idle Fancy. Being from Houston I can relate to needing more light shirts for the summer that aren't grungy looking T-shirts.


  1. so cute! I love ruffles and these are perfect!!!

  2. I really like your version of this top. It is a pattern that I need to dig out to try.