Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Traveler Dress

This is the next project. The pattern is Simplicity 2246 part of their Lisette line. I heard this is designed by the same people that do the Oliver + S children's line. I was drawn to this pattern after seeing a dress by Tommy Hilfiger I could not find a picture of. It was a nivy and white shirt dress that fit very nicely except it was about 5 inches too short for my to feel comfortable. I like my garments to be appropriate for work as that is where I spend most of my day. I am doing version C, in the top left corner of the pattern all in this blue with small white polka dots. I got it again from the $1.98 clearance section on, so I never quite know what I'm going to get.  I also got 5 yards of it not knowing which pattern I would make, so expect to see it again. It is very blue, but I read an article online that I can't find that royal blue is new trend for Spring. That justifies it!

The pattern needed some adjusting right off that bat. My waistline is about 2 inches higher than most patterns think it should be. I shortened the pattern, bodice and back, but they looked so short visions of Steve Urkel drifted through my head so I added an inch and a half to the bottom and used a french curve to smooth it all out. Easier to see than explain...

Here is my back piece extended and roughed out.

 This is how my french curve and I came to an agreement on how to fix the now jagged side.

This was what I came up with. It curves in where my waist is but continues to curve back out. This will hopefully allow my skirt to not be right under my boobs.

And yes, I did test the fabric for my invisible marker and it worked appropriately. Lesson learned!

That was as far as I got today. Happy Sunday!


  1. I love the new Lisette patterns! Can't wait to see how it turns out. :]

  2. Ooo cute! Can't wait to see it! (I love polka dots, and blue is a sudden (and surprising) obsession of mine of late. Good luck with it!