Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Look 6803 Dress done!

I am finally posting, but I've had it done for a couple days. Sorry I took so long. I love this dress, and I see me making a couple more for the summer as it is too hot to wear pants in Houston during the next few months.

This is the front, as you can see it has pockets which I love. If I had to do it again I may use the pockets from my Crepe dress because they are deeper.

Here is a closer view of the neckline. I am supposed to remove the basting stitches along those darts but my dang invisible marker never erased!!! I had to make them a little deeper than called for to make up for it. I've never had that happen before, so I got cocky and quit testing a small area. I learned my lesson! I still like how it turned out though.

This is where you can see how I fixed the fit. I chopped two inches off the hem and made some ties to sew into the side. My measurements lent themselves to a size 22, but I really could have gone down probably two sizes. It looked kind of like a sack. The funny thing is the combo of the side ties and pockets make me look a bit hippy which is kind of funny since my hips are pretty nonexistent. If you're going to make this dress I suggest you really cut down at least a size.

Overall thoughts: I liked working with seersucker. I was a bit hesitant because I thought it would be stretchy, but it was great. I need to test my invisible marker on I know why they say that. Also, I have had a few projects turn out really big. I would be wise to start making a muslin even for an easy dress like this.I will definitely make this again probably in a size 18. In RTW I am a solid 12 on bottom and a 14 on top with most of my girth being in my middle. Because I am shaped like a man sporting a beer belly perhaps that is why I should be more conscious about fitting before I make the real deal. I'll still wear this though.


  1. Very cute! I really like the ties you added. Not only does it help the fit, but it's a little design detail that'll make it different if you do make several other versions. :)

    I usually use chalk instead of invisible markers, precisely because I'm afraid that it won't come out. Probably so much easier to use, though. :/

    Thanks for the heads up about the fit!

  2. Hey, just a question. How did you find the facings? I've generally not been a fan of them, and am considering just binding the armholes and neck with bias tape. Do you think this would be sufficient?

    Also, I looked at the ease built into this pattern, it's it's got something 7.5 inches of ease in it! Definitely going down a size with this one!

  3. The facings were not bad. They seemed shallow enough they don't flip out all the time. I edge stitched them in as well, but I always do that. I think bias tape would work just as well though.

    I was that 7.5 inches and should have listened to myself, but looking at the picture it seemed nicely fitted on the model.

    Over all it was an easy dress and just took a few hours. That was exactly what I needed after the Sencha debacle!