Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Autism - a personal project

I have come back to a project very dear to me. I have worked with children with autism for many years now and am a picture schedule fanatic. I make my own picture schedules because I love them so much! I even give presentations on picture schedules, have written articles and have a power point if you are really interested. Really,  I have mastered reading, so I really make lists - same concept. The point is we all love our routines. OK, I'll adjust and step off my soap box...back to the sewing.

I have worked from time to time on a project I designed back in October of 2010 for soft, portable and stylish picture schedules, first/then charts, choice making boards, may or may not get my drift. I have pictures below that I will explain. Here is the situation I love my design. I love the back. The dang vinyl is killing me. My next attempt will incorporate a walking foot while sewing the vinyl. Does anyone have suggestions on how to tackle this project?

You may not be able to see it too clearly, but this is a fabric panel with five open top vinyl rows on it with slots where parents or teachers can slip cards in for their child to see. You can see my vinyl stretched as I sewed it and distorted.

A far off picture of the back.

These are pictures of the back of the picture schedule. It has an awesome pocket for keeping extra cards when not in use. It also has a tie to roll it up and carry it like a yoga mat, hang up on a door or over a car seat, etc.

This is the picture schedule rolled up and tied like a yoga mat.

If you know children or adults with autism, this is a great tool. I'd love to be able to provide them to parents and students, but that vinyl is holding me up. Does anyone have suggestions on how to adjust for the stretch of the vinyl?


  1. Hiya,
    (I've stumbled across your blog from The Sew Weekly). I've not tried any of these methods so I can't vouch for them but I've read about a Teflon foot for vinyl but if don't want to invest apparently Talc or wax paper works (
    Hope that helps :)

  2. I have read about the Teflon foot, I may have to try it. I still need to break out the walking foot on it. Have you used one of those? It is awesome! I also tried scotch taping the foot, which worked a little bit. Thanks for the suggestions and link!