Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sencha Sadness

I have been sitting in my Sencha pattern for awhile. I love the vintage look, but have not found the right material yet. I bought a couple of yards of $1.95 pink cotton with small white dots on to trigger the free shipping, and when I got it out of the box it spoke to me. The fabric said, "Make me Sencha version 2." I washed it. I dried it. I laid it all out and found greasy looking stains. I washed and dried it again, and they didn't come out.

I circled the marks with some disappearing marker.

I loved the look so much and bought matching buttons, so I ordered a couple more yards of the fabric which I will totally inspect before washing and drying. I did decide to make a muslin out of the icky stuff though just to get an idea for the fit. Obviously it is not done much beyond the darts, shoulders and half a side seam, but I'm loving it!


  1. Hi Stacie, so sorry your fabric turned out with a spot from I buy lots of fabric from them..I love their selections.. But, I have never had trouble with any.. I will watch though, from now on..
    I was sad when you wrote about your sewing class closing. I wish more people in our area sewed.I have the same problem.None of my friend sew and no one wants to talk about it.I am so happy to find sew weekly and friends who have the same habits as me.ha..
    I have sewed for 25 yrs..but just this year deicded to sew for me.I am having so much fun. Judy

  2. Thanks for the lovely comments, Judy. Hopefully the mishap was a one off. It may have happened in the washer since I didn't check first. Who knows! I learn so much from everyone, I bet after 25 years you can sew it all!