Saturday, March 26, 2011

When Senchas Go Bad

The Sencha is done. It started as a muslin, and that may be what is stays. I was excited I did nice buttonholes, but the fit is just awful. I am a busty girl, and the chest is huge. Also, when I stretch my arms out I have a weird flying squirrel effect. This just went wrong, and I'm so disappointed because I wanted it to work out so bad.

This was my first time making real button holes. There was some miscommunication between me and the Singer. The Singer just beeped at me, and I beeped back at it until I gave up, downloaded the manual and was reminded I needed to pull the buttonhole thing down by the presser foot. This is my machine without it.
This is said button hole foot thing by the presser foot. There may be a more technical name for it, but why should there be?

This is my first try on of the final. As you can see very, very big.

This is the back, which looks awesome, except for the fit.

This was after I took the sides in an inch.

This is the back after I took in both back darts an inch.

This is how pretty it is just sitting there.
Final Thoughts: This was bad. From my fabric issues to my fitting issues this was bad. I definitely need to make a smaller size if I make this again. I'm pretty turned off by the whole experience, so I may not. Also, I usually like Colette directions, but this one called for catch slipping the sleeves, but didn't explain what that means. The technique I invented has me catching my pinkie finger in the stitching every time I put it on. Is that a sign I did it right or wrong?


  1. Stacie, don't give up. I am not sure what size you chose, but I had same issue with first one I made. Using bust size, size 14 should be the one I would use and did. It was huge and I did a lot of adjusting. I love the look enough to give it a second try and I actually went down two sizes in the upper chest area tapering to the 14 from under bust down. My second one looks better and fits much better in the upper chest area. I still need to take up the back darts some. I know how you feel. Give it a few weeks and try it again in smaller size and maybe use some nice but not so nice fabric.

  2. Aw, sorry this didn't work out this time, but I hope you try it out again. I've heard good things about this pattern. You could try posting on the Colette forum to see what others suggest, but Linda might have the right idea by just going down a size or two and trying again in a few weeks. Try measuring your high bust and using that measurement, it might work out better.

    Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Heather and Linda. I think I will follow your suggestions and advice, give it a couple weeks, take a deep breath and try this again. - Stacie