Sunday, July 10, 2011

Christmas in July

I just took the best class ever. I have mentioned before that I learned most of my mad sewing skills from Jenny Gabriel. She still offers fun classes since Sew Crafty closed, they are just a bit further to go. Well, check out my awesome stockings!

How cute are these? They hardly take anytime at all. What an added bonus that Jenny brought her embroidery machine and personalized them for us! I actually got all these done within the class time, and that is with me wondering around chattering with everyone and begging Jenny for a serger class. (Please Jenny! Please!)

Here is a close up of my stocking. I so love it!

 Now for the guts. This stocking is basically two lining layers, I used muslin, and two outer layers. I believe I used a quilting cotton from Hancock's.

 For the toe, heel and cuff I used a thin quilters cotton. I wish I had used a bit thicker fabric, but I thought I would just practice making one in class. I didn't expect to leave with such an amazing product.
The toe and heel are just on the front, so the back of the stocking is left plain. I like both sides.
The cuff attaches to the top and is simply folded down. That's it! How easy is that? I think everyone will be getting stockings for Christmas this year. This pattern would be so easy to embellish and personalize as well.

Jenny seemed a bit amazed that the pup would need a personalized stocking, but just look at that happy customer! Too bad the house is on the market or I would set up the tree.

I can't wait for Christmas!

UPDATE: My friend Angie that took the class as well took some pictures of her stockings to share as well. I love her fabric!


  1. Man oh man, the longing for the embroidery machine is intense. Maybe we can set up some sort of scholarship fund (I have been working on this with C by answering every phone call with "Hello, would you like to contribute $700 to the Angie Embroidery Machine Fund?" thus far, I have been only offered $5 for my margarita fund...which I accepted). I am envisioning embroidered Xmas tree skirts that read Marry Christmas! on the front and Have a Happy New Year! on the other side so that people can have a seasonal Xmas tree skirt (you know, flip it depending on the holiday)...and so that I have an excuse for them to throw away the ones I made last year! Angie

  2. OMG that is the best idea ever! Maybe one that on the flip side is pastel and says Happy Easter on one side, and is red white and blue with a Happy 4th message. That way we could leave it all until we take more Chrstmas in July classes! No more putting the tree up and down!

  3. I smell a business opportunity. Buy an embroidery machine and "rent" it out or charge a very nominal fee. You could make the money back in a hot second!

    I also like the tree skirt idea. I'm thinking make one with a pie slice concept and every slice of the pie is a new holiday, that way you can rotate the tree skirt depending on the season! Double sided of course so you could celebrate everything from birthdays and flag day right along with christmas & easter!