Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vogue tames the beast

I recently finished The Beast, my friend Holly and I slaved over this dress for probably 6 weeks and finished to mixed results. The dress had a great fit and turned out really cute with a few tweaks, but there were a couple of things that didn't translate into our dresses too well.

This is a line drawing of The Beast, or for those who have yet to try it, Vogue 1241.

Notice the front collar, It is a bit weird on. It stands a bit weird and requires some precision hand sewing to keep your chest from being totally exposed. Just below that is the dreaded loin cloth piece. That thing was a mofo to attach, and probably took two whole sewing sessions. On the back there are cute little gathers, that once put onto a human form are placed right were we just want to look like we have know, the muffin top region. So what would we change? The collar, the loin cloth and the muffin top gather sin the back.

This is from the just released Vogue patterns, Pattern 8742 to be exact. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? After I e-mailed this to Holly I got a reply that started with , "OMG, I'm pissed!" Not only does this version lose the weird neck, loin cloth and muffin top gathers, but it is carried under the Very Easy Vogue line. Nothing about the beast was "Very Easy".

Bottom line, we were pissed, but we like the sleeves. Yeah, we're suckers. Expect to see a version this fall!

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