Sunday, February 12, 2012

Red Dress Contest

I am entering Pattern Review's red dress contest. I want to make a red Peony. I was thinking of doing some pin tucks then realized that would be a direct rip off of Mary's red Peony. Since I have already made the Peony, I wanted to fit it a bit more, and make the guts look really great. I made a few adjustments on the pattern and decided to give the whole dress French seams. I've never done this before, but I am a hot mess at it. I have ripped out loads of seams. I have the bodice done though, and it looks fantastic! Here is a preview:

That's right a French seamed set in is that the only part I didn't have to rip out BTW?

A super chic side seam.

From the outside.

It looks pretty awesome. The fabric is a medium weight twill. It is very crisp and nice; however, I don't know that I should be French seaming twill. Good thing I never claimed to know it all!

Also, today there was a small tragedy at Chateau Stacie. My trusty iron of nine years (only opened in the last year and a half since I began sewing) died. He heated up super hot and burned my board cover. I unplugged him because it smelled like it was burning and he never turned on again. I got a new one to replace him already, but dang. It just doesn't feel the same. Rest in Peace iron.


  1. The peony sounds great and is looking good.Cant wait to see the finished dress.
    Sorry about your iron.. I just had to replace mine too.. And the new ones never seem as good, do they? Hopefully both will get to be our buddies soon.ha
    Happy sewing.

  2. Your Peony looks great! I have a red one mid-assembly, too, that I started as a Christmas dress but ran out of time. I can't quite get motivated to finish it as I'm still not sure about the fit. I'm looking forward to seeing yours!

  3. Whoa, French seamed sleeve? That's hardcore! I did flat felled on some curvy princess bodice seams once and that was hard enough!