Thursday, June 21, 2012

Google Reader disaster!

All but a handful of the blogs I subscribe to are gone! I followed a ton of them! Can you guys help me out and send me your favorite blogs? I bet your faves are my faves too!

Update: They are back in my Reader somehow. Overnight. Just like you said! Thanks.


  1. I've had that happen before with Google Reader - they came back the next day. Weird... anyways, you can look at my profile and see all of the blogs that I follow.

  2. Hi Stacie,

    If you log into my blog you will see my list.

  3. Thanks! They were back in my reader over night like Amy said. Whew! I'm still going to get on yours and see if there are any you have I'm missing!

  4. I am new to the sewing blog world and would love to have you come visit :)

    I enjoy reading your posts and seeing all the things you make!