Thursday, June 20, 2013

House stuff

I've actually been sewing everyday, but boring stuff like curtains or comforters. By the way, king size comforters are sonsabitches. I needed a break today. I decided to make my missing curtains.

That's a bad photo. I may have to try again when the sun goes down some. Don't mind the piles of flooring or heavy machinery everywhere. I like how the curtains make the room look. I just needed to make two more to go across the french door. I still need to hem them. The dilemma is the old ones on the right are a bit short, so i'm deciding what to do. I took the hem out, and it helped some. Maybe once the baseboards go on it will look better. Then I got sucked into a movie.

So I decided to make a couple of coasters. I made them with left over binding  fabric from the man quilt. I tried to convince him, by the way, that if we decorated the living room with fabrics from his quilt it would look chic. In the end we decided it would really look more "winter is coming." However, the coasters are totally cute. I wanted to try pinwheels and I saw something similar on some web site. I wish I had noted it, let me know if I stole your idea and you would like credit. I will add a link to you. It was just enough of a project to finish my movie, and fills a huge need since I never found the old coasters. Win!


  1. God love you for sewing curtains and comforters. Ugh.

    I bow before your pinwheel centers.

  2. I sewed curtains for our bedroom, and after all the cursing and swearing and carrying on, even my boyfriend vetos any suggestion of me making more. I truely admire you for continuing on with those horrible things!

    I like your pinwheels! And surely the suggestion that winter is coming isn't a bad thing when you live 8 m from the sun (aka Texas). Cool thoughts, and all that. :D

  3. the curtains are interesting. Home dec sewing is so boring, no? And yet, oddly satisfying when finished. :) Nice job carrying through. g