Thursday, February 20, 2014

I won!

I won a Liebster Award! Through that I also found a great blog. Sarah Koch of Sarah Kate Creations nominated me and she has some really cute stuff. I'm totally stealing her tie off charm pack quilt idea. So go check her out.

Now not to seem ungreatful, but I have to share this infographic created by Mikhaela over at Polka Dot Overload.

There was awhile there when the blog awards got out of control. For laughs go check out her post.

So I will answer my 11 questions, but I will not infect my other blogger friends. If you are interested in other blogs I read I am happy to share. Just let me know.

My 11 Questions 
  1. What is your favorite quote? This is roughly a quote, maybe by Einstein...The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
  2. What three things would you bring to a desert island? My Brindy-best-friendy dog, sunscreen and chapstick
  3. What would you consider your greatest accomplishment? I'm not sure. I often don't take time to recognize and accomplishment before I'm working toward the next goal. My last accomplishment was probably my half marathon.
  4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Probably a beachtown in Mexico.
  5. Who is your favorite blogger and why? Heather from Sewing on Pins is my knee jerk reaction. I think she was the first person to ever follow me, I incessantly copy all her makes, and I secretly think of her as my Canadian Sewlmate. Wait, that's hilarious! I claim trademark on Sewlmate!
  6. What is your favorite sewing pattern designer? I can't say I have a favorite. My styles have been all over the place, and I have had great success and epic fails everywhere.
  7. What is your favorite sewing tip? Three stupid mistakes then just stop for the day.
  8. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? Why? Riviera Maya. I'd start in Akumal and snorkel with the sea turtles then head to Mahahual to hang out on the prettiest beach ever.
  9. What inspired you to start your blog? It is hard to find sewing friends that are live.
  10. What is your favorite band? Fall Out Boy currently
  11. Who is the most inspiring person in your life? My dog. I strive to be like her, hear me out. She never holds a grudge. She always greets me at the door with a tail wag and a kiss no matter how her or my day has gone. She thinks the best time ever is spending time with the people she loves no matter what that means we are doing.
11 Random Facts about me

1. While I love working with special education children, I have a very hard time with emotionally disturbed children because I think I relate to them too much, and find it hard not to crack up when they have to confess their antics to me. Seriously, they do the stuff you only have the nuts to do in your head!
2. I swam 1800 meters in a Swimathon for the YMCA last night making me the biggest loser.
3. Mr. Thinks He Can is working late tonight, so Brindy and I are celebrating by making crab stuffed salmon and drinking craft beer (don't worry, the beer is for me.)
4. I am horrible about shopping online and then not checking out because of shipping, Amazon spoiled me.
5. I'm signing up for my first triathlon in years in March.
6. The thought of cotton balls touching me gives me goosebumps in a bad way.
7. I have to sleep a minimum of 8 hours a night, and if I lay down anywhere at anytime of day I go to sleep.
8. If E! news doesn't cover it, then it wasn't worth reporting.
9. Shameless and The Walking Dead playing at the same time on Sunday nights causes anxiety for me because I love them both so much.
10. I have lost about 40 pounds since Thanksgiving 2 years ago and subsequently donated most of the clothes I painstakingly made to charity.
11. I am ridiculously cheap and will often keep an eye out for things I need at thrift shops and on Craigslist, however, I'm not above a good dumpster dive.


  1. Congrats on the blog award...
    Totally enjoyed your answered questions and facts... Have a great evening.

  2. Yay to you, and thank you for the fascinating glimpse into your life. I too often think I should learn from the dog!

    1. LOL, I don't know if it is fascinating so much as scattered, but I enjoy it!