Saturday, March 22, 2014

Side Zip Shorts

I did it! I made shorts. With a zipper. And a button. That button was my first machine sewn 
button and my first button hole in probably two and a half years. I am loving the new machine!

These shorts are Salme Sewing Patterns Shorts With Side Zipper. Let's take it back a minute.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram got a highly unflattering preview of a muslin I made of these. The fit was spot on. That fabric is a navy blue polyester I found at an estate sale for a dollar. I'm glad I made the muslin because I knew the fit was great, and I also discovered a few things I wanted to do differently on the good fabric.

I got this fabric at Joann Fabrics. It is a black cotton with white embroidered flowers on it. Well, after I sewed in the lapped zipper and tried them on they were HUGE! I took in all the darts about two inches, the front and back center about 1.5 inches and had to take a little off the side seam with no zip. That is why my butt darts go way past my butt. Then I put on the waistband, which I had interfaced so it did not stretch at all, and realized my fabric had just stretched out that much. I hemmed them and then washed and dried them and they shrunk up a few inches in length and looked much better overall. We will see if they get super big with wear. So for now crisis averted. But, I'm glad I did the muslin first because I knew it would work, and it wasn't the pattern.

The changes I made to the pattern were mostly on the inside. I finished the edges of all of the pieces that had anything to do with pockets on main and lining pieces. I didn't have to, but I thought it made for cleaner insides. 

Aren't the pockets cute? They are nice and roomy, but lie flat and don't add fluffy bits.

Here is my button I am so proud of. The thing is I suck at waistbands. So, you can see some of the lace tape I used on the inside on the outside. I don't tuck my shirts in and can live with it. There is a button hole there too that I am dang proud of because I swore them off years ago. Can an Archer be far behind? A Hawthorne? Ye Gods the possibilities!

Never mind the stupid face, but overall this is a great pattern. I would even go as far as making a few more pairs for summer. I love this fabric, but I may go with something a bit more sturdy. I just like the dressy, lacy shorts look. I may make them a little shorter too. For real, it's going to be 1000 degrees with 110% humidity before I know it. Less clothes is better and now I have a TNT to play with!


  1. Very nice work :) congrats on revisiting buttons and button holes!!

    1. Thank you! I'm so pleased with buttons right now I've already made another!

  2. Stacie, love your new shorts...Look great on you... Happy sewing.

  3. Cute as a button (that has been sewn on with your new machine, yay!)

  4. Nice shorts! Finally caved to the pressure of making a pair that don't fall off, eh? :D I love the print you chose, but why did it behave so differently than your toile fabric?! So weird.

    Congrats on the buttonhole!! I think your waistband looks just fine, and if you don't tuck in tops, WHO CARES! :D

    I can't believe you guys are in shorts weather with green grass. While it's surprisingly warmer in the subartic than the rest of southern Canada, we're still buried in show here... lol

    1. Oh to have a backside to hold up my pants! All shorts seem to droop on me, but these are an improvement. I have no idea about the fabric. That was weird. After I made these shorts I put away most of my "winter clothes" (anything with long sleeves). now tomorrow the temperature is supposed to drop again. Stupid polar vortex!