Saturday, April 14, 2012

A repeat quilt

There was a situation, and it called for a quilt. I wanted something vibrant and fun. I also know the owner loves flowers. So what did I do, I am making Heather French's English Flowers quilt. Again! It's a good thing I love this quilt. This second one is going much quicker. Here is my first one if you need a reminder.

I took this quilt to Tea Time Quilts here in the Houston Heights. They so get me. I gave vague statements like, "Colorful and vibrant like this one, but not exactly." An hour later we were cutting my fabric and talking about how if we could we would turn every fabric in the world into a skirt.

We settled on some of the Hello Luscious line by Moda with a couple of fillers to brighten it up. It sticks with my aqua, red and pink palette I love, but emphasizes the blue a bit more. I was a bit wary, but here is a row put together.

Yummy! I think it is turning out very nicely, and I can't wait to see it all together. In the meantime, I have had a ton of showings of my house, which is on the market. That stops me from really getting into projects. I hate to make a 'huge mess' which is to the average sewist represents a nice project in the works.

Also, here is the baby project coming along for the Sew Vac Outlet blog. From the top going clockwise we have bibs, diaper wipe clutch, changing pad roll, three burp cloths, and underneath a flannel baby blanket. It has turned out nicely. Baby stuff is so cheap and easy to make! It has been good for me too. Many of you know I lost my younger brother back in October. It turns out one of his best friends found out he and his wife were pregnant shortly before he died and asked my brother to be the god father. He accepted and was pretty excited about it. The baby is due in June, and I know he would have a.) wished it were a boy and b.) given the baby a hell of a welcome. He never got the chance. I guess I am doing this for him, and it has been a nice feeling. Haha, he would have hated all this pink! 

P.S. If you can read my blog in heaven, where I am sure access to my blog is a priority, I wish you were here doing this instead. Since you're not you'll just have to deal with the hot pink zebra stripes. You can fight me over it when I get there. It's the thought that counts, Bubba.


  1. I love everything in this post, especially the baby stuff done up in a way that would totally annoy the crap out of your brother. Just as a sister should. :D

    This blanket is going to look just as pretty as the last one. The blue is really pretty with the reds and pinks. I seriously want a version of this.

  2. I loved,loved the first quilt and can't wait to see another one.. It is the prettiest quilt, I have seen in awhile.. Enjoy quilting..