Friday, April 27, 2012

Sewaholic Knock Out!

I just got a notice in my inbox that Tasia at Sewaholic is coming out with a new dress pattern!

I admit I have never made a Sewaholic Pattern, but the Cambie may be a must-have. I do love Sewaholic patterns, and long for a Renfrew, but my smallest feature is my hips, so I feel like an imposter sewing the patterns because I'm an apple and not a pear. I know, weird complex, this one may just get me over it.

Check out Tasia modeling the A-line version. I am nuts about those sleeves. She mentioned a pre-sale starting soon. It's all very exciting!

Oh, and Gertie's book is finally coming out! It's a money blowing sewing day!


  1. Fabulous sewing day! I just pre-ordered the book and plan to pre-order the pattern too!!!

  2. Ooo that is a gorgeous dress! *gimmee hands* I WANT!

  3. Oh, I know what you mean about that dress. I squealed when I got the email - this may be my favourite yet. Sewaholic patterns are fantastic, get it and you'll love it.

  4. I am more of an inverted triangle/hourglass shape and I love how my Cambie dress came out. I made the full skirt bottom which I think was a great option for my shape. I will be trying the a-line version too, of course. I say - give it a try.