Friday, July 12, 2013

Where I sew

I have seen a few sewing room posts lately and really like seeing where you guys sew. I thought I might get in on that action with my sewing room.

This is what I see when I walk in...bwahaahahahahaha, not really. I usually see piles of stuff everywhere, but it is somewhat tamed today. Let's walk around the room.

I think I am so clever for this, but I ha an old DVD rack that I carried all the way out to the curb when it occurred to me that DVDs and patterns are about the same size. I marched this rack upstairs and sure enough all my patterns fit! They are even organized. Dresses on top, pants and tops on the next row down divided by some doo dad that came made onto the shelf and so on. It may be a bit of an eye sore, but when I want to go buy a new pattern I have a visual reminder that I am a hoarder and must be stopped. That little thread holder there was given to me by my friend Jenny. It used to be brown, but I am spray paint happy.

I get some mad morning sun in this room as you can see. Here is my cute new sewing desk, this one I bought used from Jenny. Isn't it pretty? It came that color and inspired much spray painting. That ironing board is new too. My old one was destroyed in the move, so I upgraded to a bigger one. I love it.

This is my media center and a few sewing related decorations. Most of the visible decorations were also fro Jenny. That black thing there was a Monet poster that I turned into a chalkboard and sprayed hot pink.

Here is the awesome part, it opens up to reveal a peg board. I am still deciding what is going in there, but I have always wanted a peg board.

This used to be my sewing table, and before that some one's dining room table from Craigslist. It makes a great cutting station.

There is a little preview of something I am considering. By the way, go team Sebrewing! Our team won the Hummingbird contest! I am such a fan of Cake patterns now.

This a bolt holder, also from Jenny which I believe came from Sew Crafty, the place I learned to sew before it shut down. It holds all my books and bolt type fabrics perfectly.

The old owner of the house we bought left this little dresser in my new sewing room, dibs! My friend Holly is an organizing genius and helped me get my supplies organized inside. Remember all those estate sales I scored at? It was ugly!

Up top I have buttons, elastics, feet and random knick knacks.

Next drawer contains my packaged notions and elastics.

The bottom holds obscene amounts of lace, the down side of estate sale bundles, specialty threads and my embroidery machine materials.

And I have a closet! My stash is hanging out, with knits on the shelf with my embroidery machine. I also have interfacing, batting and current projects on the other side.

Now I am headed out of town for the weekend to spend a fantastic weekend on a road trip to the Big Easy. I can't tell you how much I love New Orleans. 

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