Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Favorite cousin before and after

My cousin and her son came to hang out with me in what was one of the most awesome weekends I have had in a long time. We went to Galveston, caught turtles, caught Sister Wives and redid an end table.

This is an end table I got at Ikea probably 10 years ago. What can I say, we just felt like painting something. Specifically we wanted to paint chevrons. We looked at all kinds of tutorials and headed to Lowe's to measure, tape, grid, X-acto knife (and probably cry) our way to perfect chevrons.

We were at the paint counter when we found Frogtape's new Shape Tape. A roll was about $15 and it was worth every penny! It made making the chevrons a breeze. As a matter of fact I didn't measure anything, in the end I just eyeballed the end table and it turned out perfect!

Can you believe those perfect chevrons?

We used all Valspar products. The chevrons are in their Eddie Bauer line, we just got sample sized containers, in Honeysuckle Bloom and Bungalow Blue. For the legs I used a dark brown spray paint I had laying around. I always use a separate primer on anything I paint. I just feel like it will stick better even if it is paint and primer in one.

Here is my new table in action in my living room with a lamp we painted while she was here as well. I love it! Ready for another awesome before and after?


LOLs! Here are our before and afters. Too bad that before is blurry, because I am rocking some giant purple glasses and a mullet, however surely you can spot my cousin (in white) with her jeans tucked into her socks. And yes we are all matchy matchy in blue and white NKOTB shirts. Our after was taken three years ago at my wedding, we've come a long way. 

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