Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'm so over fat models

Hehe, you didn't click on to chew me out, right? Of course not! Here is the thing, who would want to put a slick, new, and FINALLY finished tree pant on a Christmas tree with their giant muffin top hanging over my hard work when this sleek and slender crepe myrtle will do such a nicer job?


That's right. These are the same tree pants I was working on before my very bad year. I am so thrilled with how it turned out.

I made the stockings for my cousin as a house warming present, but as soon as I made them I knew the tree pants were meant to be part of the package. I just backed and bound it with plain black which turned out quite striking. She received the set last night and seemed very pleased with it. And of course I fell in love with the tree pants all over again and now have to make my own. You had a peek at it with the half square triangles.


  1. Now Stacie.. that is too cute. I need to make me one. Is that machine applique or embroidery? I have several stocking appliques for my machine. How big do you make the square in the middle? thanks,