Saturday, October 19, 2013

Help! I need your expertise

I had some warm knit, so I decided to work on Vogue 8742. I have seen some awesome versions of it, but EPIC FAIL!

There are a few thing going on here. I got weird baggy bits in my ruching. I've lost some weight and don't know how things are supposed to fit anymore. My boobs shrank and inch during the course of sewing this. Now, here is where I need your help. I love the potential this dress has. Can you tell me how to fix it?

I took in the sides about an inch already, but it didn't help everything going on. Also, are my princess seams too wide set for my bust?

Holy baggy backs Batman! I have never seen anything quite this bad - my back was always the easy fit. Ignore the undie lines (if you can), and how do I adjust the bit above the area where my butt used to be? Also, how is it baggy on my hips and front but tight in the back?

Just what. I don't even know what to say. It doesn't have a collar and isn't hemmed yet, but I don't plan on bothering with that until I see if it can be salvaged. Your assistance in this matter would be much appreciated.

How six foot tall,super-chic folks should look according to the front of the envelope, for your reference.


  1. Hi! I doubt you can save this version - it's just way too big IMO. You might be able to salvage something if you added a CB and CF seam and took it in there. I'd start with a smaller (or two) size which should move the princess seams over toward the middle too. You might end up needing a smaller size in the upper back, in both width and length (maybe a swayback adjustment?), but it's hard to tell at the moment because everything's too roomy. I think the general shape has promise for you, though.

  2. IF i were strong-willed enough to have lost that much weight i would first dance for joy.
    then i would remove the sleeves (sorry about that) and take in the side seams, meanwhile capturing the ruching in the new sideseam, for the fit you want, up to and including the new armscye. you'll probably have to scoop out a new armscye as well and make all corrections on the sleeve cap and width. replace the sleeves.

    on the back i see a lot of extra fabric at the waist and drag lines from the underarm pointing down to the waist. i think one way to correct this would be to remove the zip, create a waistline seam by pinching out the most fabric in the CB and grading out to zero at the side seams. then replace the zipper. the hemline may end up crooked and may have to be remeasured after all the adjustments.

    it sounds like a lot of work, but if you take it one step at a time it won't be. the hard part is the unpicking. it's a lovely dress and with the right fit it'll be worth it. good luck on the project.

    congrats on the weight loss!! :-)

    1. addition: i think once the sleeves are removed, the shoulders can be shaved to the width you need. the princess seams are a style line - they replace the dart and can be wherever they land. just remember to adjust the sleeve cap.

  3. Stacey I think the issue is it is too long. You need to use that bit in the middle of hte pattern pieces and shorten patterns. In terms of this one, it seems to me the easiest way to fix the too broad shoulder is to unpick the princess seam at least to the bust and mid back, shave off at least 3-4cm at the shoulder tapering it out, and resew. Improved lines, narrower fit through that bit. I'd also unpick and release the last 10-15cm of ruching, resew flat and trim the hem. SO the ruching stops before it goes weird. If you still have saggy back, how about putting a horizontal seam across it to catch in the extra. And peg it an make it shorter. OR, make these adjustments to the pattern and make it again. This one maybe cut it off and turn into a top? I like it but I could understand if all that reverse sewing was a bridge too far!

  4. Stacie, Congrats on the weight loss. SO happy for you.
    Not sure what to tell you about fixing the dress, I stink, when it comes to altering..sorry.

  5. As others said, congrats on the weight loss. I am not sure what size you used for upper area; consider using upper bust measurement for a better fit of shoulders and upper chest. I think you need to go smaller in that area and will probably need to make a full bust adjustment to fit the bust. The back length from shoulder to waist looks to be too long and you may need to shorten at the back waist area. Others have provided some good fitting adjustments to try with the current version which may help you make appropriate pattern adjustments for the next version.

  6. The pattern is WAY too big. The dress is too long in the torso, which accounts for the slight tummy tightness. That looks to be a very complex pattern and I am in awe of your sewing abilities.

  7. Over all looks good but I recon shorter and tighter

  8. I don't really have much to offer, other than that it looks too big and too long on you, almost like you need to take out an inch or so at the waist to bring the hips up (on the dress, not on you! :D). Other than that, I feel the need to tell you that I really like purple on you. :) I hope you can salvage this dress, there's some good information above. Good luck!

  9. You look wonderful!!! Yes, I do think the princess seams are too wide for your bust and also where they come up on your shoulders. I'm wondering...before you take out the sleeves...if you just unpick the princess seams from a little above your waist to your shoulders and probably part way down the back, trim off about an inch of the (inside) front/back princess seam...NOT off the sides, then re-attach the sides with the ruching??? Oh...and if you do that, maybe baste the ruching in place 1st.

  10. Has anyone ever told you that you guys rock? After reading your comments and looking back at the pictures all kinds of light bulbs went off. I'm going to persevere on this dress, just not tonight. It has been a busy week. Thank you all so much for your advice and kind words!