Friday, January 24, 2014

New machine?

The last couple projects have been a struggle to get through. My machine goes 8-12 inches at most and then creates a big nest as shown on the scrap sample above. I have tried everything I can think of to fix the issue on my own. I feel like last time I got my machine serviced, about a year ago, it cost about $180, but it wasn't the same. So here is where I am stuck. Do I go spend another $180, probably more since there is an issue, or do I buy a new machine?

I currently have a Singer 7468 which I started sewing on. Long story short, Mr. Thinks He Can did some work on a will and accepted this machine as payment. :-) Wasn't that sweet? However, I never got to pick a machine out, and now I think I know enough that I have a few things I would like on a machine that I don't currently have.

This is one I am looking at getting. It is the Brother PC-420. I like the LCD screen so I can have exact numbers on my stitches. I love the automatic thread cutter button. Also, many Brothers look like they have little space to the right of the needle which would make quilting hard, this one looks larger.It's not the cheapest, but it is on sale and looks like an upgrade. 

Does anyone have this machine or something similar? If so what are your thoughts? Do you have a machine that is under about $400 that you just love? Should I just fix what I have?


  1. I was going to direct you to this craftsy blog post on bird nesting

    But then I saw that beauty Brother and say - just buy the new one :-D

    I love my Janome. Doesn't have the tread cutter - would love that. Enjoy.

  2. I have that brother machine... what would you like to know. I like it. It was a replacement for another brother that I had basically worn out.... I like the other one better but it is no longer made. This one has just about everything you could want. It can be touchy with threading. You know immediately if you need to rethread... it just sounds "off" when you need to run the thread through again. That is about the worst thing I can say about it. I do alterations, custom sewing, quilting on the machine.

    I do love the thread cutter! :)

  3. I'm assuming you used another spool of thread and rethreaded both the bobbin and the upper thread. If so, go for it! BTW, my dealer only charges $89 for a service of my electronic Pfaff, so yours may be a bit high!

  4. Stacie, When the sewing machine goes to causing trouble. and you have already tried the fix it..I think go with the new one.. It sounds perfect. Best wishes..
    Ps. I have a Janome.. But, mine is just a basic one, with out the bells and whistles..Sews good, but would love to have the extras.ha

  5. I love my Janomes (I have 3 1600, 620 and Memory Craft 5000). I also have 2 brother embroidery machines which I love. For regular stitching and quilting you can't go past a Janome IMHO. I use the Janome 1600 for quilting on a frame and love it. Both the 1600 and 620 came with extension tables which butt up to the machine for quilting without a frame.

  6. I have the Brother PC420 and I love it. I have not had any problems, it sews perfectly, is extremely easy to thread, wind the bobbin, etc. It came with lots of feet including a walking foot. The instruction book is well illustrated and easy to understand. It does more than I'll probably ever use, but the features are there if I want them. I like mine so much that two friends of mine bought the same machine and they like them. I don't think you should put anymore money into yours!!! You make lots of pretty clothes...a new machine will pay for itself. :)