Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter Hummingbird

Why the heck did it take me so long to make a skirt from Cake Pattern's Hummingbird pattern?

Look, my new grey corduroy skirt invoked a strange happy dance.OK, maybe just a strange face, but the picture was too funny not to include.

I love these pockets. They don't add any bulk and are deep enough to hold my cell phone without it sticking out. 

I have some red corduroy and weird shiny denim which I think will both become Hummingbird skirts.

The pockets are made so there is no rolling out and the corduroy goes down deep enough that the back of the pocket is totally secure as well. And yes, I do normally wear that much dog hair. 

The pockets are actually sewn into the side and front panel seams, so I won't walk around like a hobo with my pockets hanging out...not that that ever happens. I just used muslin, but next time I will use a cuter pocket fabric.

True story, this was supposed to be a wearable muslin, so I didn't try very hard on the zipper. I just put in a standard one the plain old way. To be honest I don't love invisible zippers. Yes, they are easy to insert and invisible, but I just don't think they last long. I had a nude colored metal zipper which you can see a little. But I have still worn this skirt twice in the days, so obviously it doesn't bother me. I may lap the next version though.

What? I even sewed in the hook and tab! I almost always skip that entirely, so you know I must have liked this one.  First project and first win in 2014!!! I hope the rest of the year goes this well. 


  1. this is a great skirt! You look amazing in it! Can't wait to see the red version. g

    1. Thank you! It was definitely a confidence booster after my last few wadders

  2. A very nice skirt. One of the classics that will get a lot of wear I am sure.

  3. OH... I love this skirt.. It looks really good on you.. and I love corduroy.. the red one, will be beautiful..
    [bty-- you are looking skinny minny...SO happy for you.. I know its a lot of work, congrats.]

    1. Thank you! By the way I just realized I put your patterns to the side and have been stepping over them. I will get them your way soon! :-)

  4. You really do looks skinny, and this skirt is just too cute. Totally worth the effort.

  5. I've been wanting to make this one FOREVER! I even have a grey and a burgundy corduroy I'd love to use (although I don't think I have enough of the burgundy D:). I adore yours and now I need one too!

    And holy cow woman, you've lost a lot of weight! Way to go!