Saturday, May 3, 2014

Knit for woven dress

LOL, I got auto awesomed by Google! At some point my photographer told me I needed to fix my hair because it was crazy. He was right. Back to business now. This is Vogue 8667. 

This is a double knit I bought because I loved the print, but didn't know what to make. I wanted a simple pattern because I had never worked with this material before. My dear friend Jenny gave me a box of patterns, and when I spotted this one I knew it was perfect. Then I pulled out the pattern and realized it had been cut in a very Jenny size. To give a brief rundown on Jenny she looks like a young Elizabeth Taylor with an perfectly itty-bitty waist. That's quite the opposite of me. I decided to go for it anyway. I made my seams a little smaller and with the stretch in the material it worked out great! This was also my first time working with princess seams. I liked it.

A close up of the fabric and showing off my twin needling! My old machine was no longer making it with the twin needles. 

I also omitted the zipper because I could pull it on over my head. I love when that happens! This dress is comfy and the perfect weight. I love it!


  1. I think it looks like the perfect pattern for that fabric, and you look fantastic. I love your little gif at the top! You are a brave woman, subbing knit for woven. I am in awe!

  2. I really like it - enough so that I'll be looking for the pattern the next time Vogues are on sale. I will say though that your auto awesomeness by google makes me dizzy.

  3. Just jacked off to the GIf

  4. I want to come in her face