Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ponte pencil skirt

I made a ponte pencil skirt, which are popular right now due to an indie designer, but mine is from McCalls 6654. I used about a yard of fabric,and I literally made it during one episode of The Vampire Diaries from cutting the pattern to the hem!

It is three pieces: front, back,waistband. It comes in a pencil or flare and has multiple lengths. I went with the second shortest in the pencil silhouette. The waistband is shown here. Elastic is run through it, so no closures.

I also did a double needle hem. My new machine (Brother PRW-420) has a special double needle setting that I have to say is amazing. I get stretch in this hem like you would with a RTW cover stitched hem. This is such a win. 

I have two more skirts just the same lined up. I wore the one above to work today and it felt like pajamas. Also, a shout out to, I ordered one yard of each of these and they sent me 1.75 yards. I may have enough for a pieced together shirt (trifecta top?) It may have been a accident, but thanks guys!