Saturday, August 16, 2014

The elusive Hummingbird

I'm all about the basics right now. I just went back to work after a whirlwind summer. I have been sewing, but let's be honest when I don't work I have no need to put on make up, brush my hair...shower... Yes, I go into feral teacher mode. But my hair is cut, my shoes are back on, overall I am falling into place visually. It is time to catch up on blog posts.

So I have worn this skirt at least once a week since I made it. It is a light weight stretch denim Hummingbird. It is so comfortable and looks like a pencil skirt when paired with a blouse or just a dang cute skirt when paired with a T-shirt.

I found a gold button in my stash that I loved for this skirt. Oh yeah, I make button holes now. I love that new machine! It even sewed the button on for me. LOVE, guys. I did a lapped zipper as that is my preferred zipper.

I can't get enough of these pockets. They are absolutely brilliant. They lay flat and don't add bulk even when they are full of chap-sticks and cell phones.

I great basic. I did add a couple inches to the length as I wanted it to be work appropriate. Also I had to take in the sides a bit due to the stretch in the denim, but this is a TNT pattern for me. I totally recommend it!


  1. Stacie this is a fantastic skirt. And you look great apparently spending summer as a ferral teacher is good for you!! g

  2. Stacie, love your new skirt.. so cute and looks great on you.. I so understand your teacher mode.. I have retired [Respiratory Therepist, hospital] and now that I am at home...who wants to put on make up every day.ha

  3. Yes, enjoy your great skirt and pockets for that classroom key. Have fun as I retired from teaching 4th grade.

  4. Ooo, I just cut one of these out myself! I should finish that...because yours looks SO CUTE! Almost as cute as you look in it. :) Good luck getting ready for classes again!

  5. Your skirt looks very nice! That you still love your new machine makes me very happy. Have a great school year!

  6. Isn't it wonderful when a piece turns out so well. You'll wear this one until it truly wears out!