Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cynthia Rowley sweater dress

See, I have been sewing. However, in Houston it is 100 degrees (F) and 100% humidity, so I have been locked in the air conditioning sewing winter clothes. It's like some sort of sick sewing rain dance that doesn't work and leaves me with a closet full of clothes it is too hot to wear! On to business though - I love this dress. I used Simplicity 2054, view A. The whole dress and cowl came together in just a couple hours.

The cowl is pleated and is pretty cool. I didn't know if I would like it at all, but the way it is drafted is pretty clever. The cowl itself would make some pretty snazzy presents.

LOL, this is Mr. Thinks He's Can. Seconds before this he was whining because lightening was going to strike us, hey storms cool it down around here and you have to take advantage. Then I was all, that scarf looks good on you, let's take a selfie. No more whining about lightening! To his credit there was pretty bad lightening and as soon as we got back in it began to pour. 

The dress can be worn without the cowl. Without the cowl I added a belt to give it a little shape. It really is just kind of a big t-shirt when worn without the cowl. I also made it a bit shorter that I usually do, but I figured in the winter I would wear it with leggings.

Here is the real situation. There is a pool and it is hot as heck. Immediately after this I had to take the dress off because I was going to die from heat stroke. Hopefully I can wear it next month. For the fabric I used this one from Fabric Mart. It is soft an lightweight without being sheer. Also, there is no itch factor at all. I totally recommend it. I would like a cardigan in it, so I may be ordering more.


  1. Stacie, I love it... It looks so good on you.. I feel for you with the heat.. I am in Ms, and we have the heat/humidity too..It's awful, isn't it..
    Happy winter sewing [you will be happy when those cold days approach us.. New clothes to wear.]

  2. I've made this dress twice and love how smoothly it sews together. I love your striped version! I'm in North Texas and tonight it began to cool down into the '70s (you know you are in Texas when the 70s are cool:), so hopefully better weather will be headed your way soon.

  3. If you want to wear the dress, come to Chicago, our high today is supposed to be in the mid 50s. So cute and I love the chevron on the scarf.
    BTW, I've made a reservation to come to Houston the weekend of October 18th. Hope I get to see you :)

  4. Aw, you'll just have to come visit the Yukon - you could wear that nearly any day of the year here! Well, maybe it'd be too warm for a couple of days in the summer, and you'd have to wear snow pants and a parka over it through about half the year, BUT STILL!

    Yeash, I hope it cools off down there. I admire you your ability to survive that.

    Btw, BEAUTIFUL DRESS! I love styling of it with those stripes, with the cowl or without, and it looks fantastic on you! Plus now you have an extra accessory you can wear with other outfits.

  5. I'm in Vietnam.I can't see you because geographic distance.I hope it cools off down there. I admire you your ability to survive that.

  6. Fabric Mart is really good. I have used the fabric earlier. Do you sew it for yourself only? Or, do you run any business? I want same sweater like yours. Is it possible to order?