Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chevron Peplum Cardigan

I bought this thin knit just for McCalls 6844 last year when it was cool, but neglected to sew it up until the summer. Again, I am sewing for hope in the summer heat. Luckily my office is kept at roughly 9 degrees above freezing, so I am getting to wear some of my winter wear. Public Officials: I bet if you turned the AC up in public schools all us teachy types could probably get a raise and enough left over for ipads for all students. Yes, it's that cold. I digress, back to the sew.

This is view C. It has an open front and a high low hem. I like that more than I thought I would.

I especially like the way the chevron print acts on the drapey peplum. It seems to wrap around me.

Here is a better view of the high low hem. I did shorten the bodice to the petite size and it falls just right. I fall into the category of women with no rear to speak of, I feel like this cardigan gives the illusion there is something back there.

Overall I would call this one a win. I would also like to make it in a fleece or sweatshirt material. I got several compliments at work on it. On the other hand all Mr. Thinks He Can will say is that it doesn;t look like my typical style. I agree, but it's fun.


  1. It IS fun! I love the wild chevron print, especially the effect it gives the peplum.

    I also love your wishful sewing. lol

  2. Stacie, this is so pretty.. Looks great on you...

  3. It is lovely - fun and bright. A great jacket.

  4. I really like what you've done with this fabric. It's an amazing style.