Sunday, September 25, 2011

The French Knot in Nacogdoches

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the French Knot Quilt Shop in Nacogdoches, TX. They recently won second place in the Texas Quilt Shop Hop for a beautiful display. After I got their e-mail I knew I wanted to see it live.

I am lucky I have family near those parts, so after some conspiring I convinced Mr. Thinks it was high time we pay a visit. I am so glad I did, what a great little shop!

Now, living in Texas, we have a weird amount of state pride. We say we are from Texas with a certain swagger. How many other states can say they were once their own nation, and occasionally still say they could?

So check it out, the fabrics are made by Moda.

This quilt pattern is Texas Sunsets by Janet Coggins. It seems she has designed several other sunset style quilts, but I loved the Texas one French Knot had so much I had to buy the pattern! All of the fabrics used above are part of a Quilt Across Texas special line in limited quantities by Moda.

The over quilt was made using the same set of fabrics, but features a fabric that has several Texas themed panel pieces that were sewn in. I love it!

I had to include the stars above the bed for effect.

Here is an adorable apron made using the same line of fabrics.

Look at the great sewing basket! I got some of the fabric shown on this on the left side with the words and pictures.

This black fabric was my favorite, but unfortunately they were out!

Apparently I was late to the party, because they looked kind of picked over, but still had some amazing prints left.

How amazing is the cowboy boot wall hanging up above the shelf?

Now thank you French Knot for allowing me to take all those pictures while you cut my fabric. If anyone is looking for a great quilt shop in East Texas, I highly recommend this place. They had an amazing amount of goods that were non-Texas related I didn't even get too. It also appears they do classes as well.

Expect to see my jacket this week. No, really, I mean it! It would have been done by now, but we have a house showing, so I didn't want to drag everything out and mess it up before the potential buyer comes. Wish me luck!

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