Saturday, September 17, 2011

Route 66 Birdie Sling

I did not have much time for sewing this week, but I was so envious of the Birdie Sling I sent my sister-in-law, I  bought the supplies to make one for myself.

The handles and outer fabric are both quilting cottons from Joann's. I have had my eye on this print for awhile, but it was too cutesy to actually wear. I was tempted to make some around the house shorts out of it, but this bag seemed like the perfect opportunity.

It features all the states and major cities along Route 66. I'm tempted to make one to send to my sister in law in The Netherlands because it is so darn American.

The inside is made from the blue polka dot shirting I used on my Traveler Dress. I added the key fob again, but this time I played with some decorative top stitching on the pockets and I love the results!

The stitch looks like little asterisks, and it is super cute. Be warned though, you will have to reload your bobbin earlier than expected using this one.

Here is the other pocket. I just did a line across the top because this pocket isn't split down the middle.

Now, this was a mistake. My handles got twisted, and I didn't bother fixing it. I think it will look fine and still be comfortable. That just goes to show, don't get too good for instructions on your second time making a pattern.

I did alter the pattern some on this bag. I added about an inch to the band piece. That seemed to make the mouth of the bag wider and fit a bit better to the lining and outer pieces.

Overall, I love it! I may make a matching zipper pouch again.

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